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The Discovering HIPAA® Training Series is different from other HIPAA training courses because it encourages your employees to actively explore the various requirements of HIPAA, as opposed to just being told what to do. This discovery-based learning program provides a better way for your employees to learn, retain and apply HIPAA requirements to their daily job duties.

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Over 100,000 trained

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About the Discovering HIPAA Training Series


The Discovering HIPAA® Training Series consists of two courses:

  • Understanding HIPAA
  • Accessing and Sharing Protected Health Information
    • Payers
    • Providers

The Discovering HIPAA® Training Series is a unique, interactive software program that goes beyond teaching the basics of HIPAA and helps employees learn, retain and apply HIPAA to their daily job duties. The Discovering HIPAA® Training Series is responsive, set-your-own pace with over 100,000 trained.

Complete your course on any device, at any time.

How to Start the Discovering HIPAA Training Courses

Step 1

Navigate to the top, blue menu and select ‘Courses’. Select the course you are interested in taking and click ‘Details’ in the bottom right of the image.


Step 2

Click “Sign up” under the image. A pop-up window will appear — fill out your information to create your account.

Step 3

You will be redirected to your cart. Confirm your purchase, proceed to your cart and enter your billing information. You will complete the transaction on PayPal, and receive a confirmation email shortly after.


Step 4

You will notice the blue navigation now shows ‘My Dashboard’. This is where you can view all your current courses. Select the ‘Details’ of which course you want to start. Then hit ‘Continue Learning’. All progress is saved and be finished at a later date.

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