The name Discovering HIPAA reveals something unique about our HIPAA training. It is based on the Discovery Learning Theory. Discovery Learning is a theory of education that requires the student to participate in the learning. The Discovery Learning method encourages students to formulate their own tentative answers to questions and deduce general principles from practical examples or experiences. We ask questions – sometimes even before the answer is revealed. The training encourages the student to think and develop critical thinking skills in the process.

Actively engages the student in learning

Fosters creativity

Personalizes the learning experience

Increases motivation

Builds on prior knowledge and experience


The Discovering™ HIPAA Training Series is an interactive program built on the theory of discovery-based learning. Each participant works through a series of realistic scenarios where they discover the information for themselves and then learn what steps to take to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of protected health information they may handle. Each scenario contains both audio and video depicting a real-life situation, using professional actors. Consequently, employees are encouraged to think about how they would handle this situation.

Whether you work in a doctor’s office, hospital, insurance company, third-party administrator, or any other covered entity or business associate covered by HIPAA, the Discovering HIPAA® Training Series’ interactive training approach is an effective method of providing HIPAA training that will stay with your employees.

Participants of the Discovering HIPAA® Training Series receive a Document of Completion at the end of each course. The Discovering HIPAA® Training Series is available in a two-set package and has been designed so participants can be trained at their own pace and schedule. Training starts at just $55 per employee with volume discounts available. 


Join us as we dig deep into HIPAA Law and Compliance for your office; how to manage day-to-day issues, help to make sure you are following all parts of the law, work with you on your individual HIPAA Compliance needs and provide the resources for you to simplify your HIPAA training and compliance documentation.

Earn 2 CEU’s for this training.
Reservations required. Call 402-951-4502 to register.


This learning course provides an overview of HIPAA and its requirements. The course starts with a description of the basic history, background, and applicability of HIPAA and moves on to indentify the areas of impact that HIPAA has on the learner’s organization. Key terms related to HIPAA are identified and compliance requirements are discussed with examples. Finally, the course identifies additional resources for information related to HIPAA followed by a post-assessment.

This course now includes our NEW Social Media & HIPAA Bonus Module.


This learning course offers in-depth analysis of HIPAA and its requirements. This course begins by applying key HIPAA compliance requirements for accessing and sharing protected health information to your environment. Security policies, procedures and safeguards are discussed, followed by a description of consumer controls over health information. Boundaries on medical use and release of protected health information are identified.

Striking the balance between public responsibility and privacy protection is discussed, as well as the consequences of failing to establish accountability for use and release of protected health information. The use of existing state confidentiality laws is addressed. Finally, concepts are applied to the learner’s team environment followed by a post-assessment.

This course now includes our NEW Social Media & HIPAA Bonus Module.


Our courses are mobile-friendly, so participants can take the courses wherever and whenever they want.


The Discovering HIPAA® Training Series is an interactive learning program built on the theory of discovery-based learning.


Participants can be trained at their own pace and schedule — they can even stop and come back at a later date!


Participants receive a Document of Completion at the end
of each course as well as 2 Continuing Education Units (CEU’s)

Our DPT students are required to complete their HIPAA training prior to their clinical education experiences. HDM Corp’s Discovering HIPAA Training Series has proven to be the right choice for our students. It is easy for our students to navigate and complete their courses in a timely manner. Our professors are able to track their progress online.

When one of our students had an issue with the course, we contacted the HIPAA Product Director and she was able to assist and the issue was resolved by the next day. Any other questions were answered promptly and professionally. We are very satisfied with the Discovering HIPAA Training Series and would recommend this training series.

Marilyn DeHaven

Clinical Placement Specialist, Misericordia University


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